About The Act's Sponsors

California Community Builders, Inc. (http://ccbuilders.org) and The Two Hundred (http://200leaders.org) sponsor and wrote the Homeowner Stimulus Act in pursuit of its four missions:

  • increase state and federal investment in homeownership for working families, veterans and single parents
  • advocate for public policies and programs that assist those most hurt by the Great Recession
  • encourage financial institutions to increase marketing and lending in poorly developed minority markets
  • advocate for diversity in governance, management and workforce in financial and lending institution. 

The modus operandi is community organizing, mobilization and action. No one advocates better than those who live in neighborhoods forgotten in the devastation following the Great Depression.

We are organizing in priority legislative districts, using voter data analysis, local residents activism and leadership to make our case. This is a “drop dead” issue reflecting voter anger and gaining momentum. We expect strong support from legislative leaders and members.

To some, The Two Hundred and its goals may seem lofty or even naïve, much in the same way the fight for civil rights and social justice were viewed sixty years ago.  Such an endeavor requires leadership that is visionary and battle tested, and experienced in working with all sectors of society from grassroots to the highest levels of government. The Two Hundred leaders have:

  •  Life time commitments to serve the disadvantaged sectors of society
  •  Intricate knowledge of the levers of power and how to engage them
  • Understanding of the concepts of access and leverage
  • Experience with inner workings of bureaucracy and institutions
  • Proven ability to work with diverse populations
  • Deep connections with community groups and grassroots networks

Founders' biographies

John C. Gamboa is President of California Community Builders, Inc., a developer building for-sale housing for very low and low-income families in the Central Valley. He is co-founder and former Executive Director of the Greenlining Institute and Latino Issues Forum. In his long extensive career, John helped negotiate over $2.4 trillion community reinvestment agreements from the nation’s leading financial institutions.  He was on the National Federal Reserve Board Consumer Council in Washington, Common Cause Board of Directors and Chair of the California PUC investigative task force on marketing abuses in low income communities.

Assemblyman Joe Coto (Retired) is an educator, teacher and Democratic politician. Most recently, Joe served three terms in the California State Assembly, chairing the insurance committee and the 26-member Latino Legislative Caucus.  Before his election to the legislature, Mr. Coto was Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District and Eastside Unified High School District in San Jose.

Justice Cruz Reynoso was an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court (1982-87), Associate Justice Court of Appeals ((1976-82), and Vice Chair of the United States Commission on Civil Rights (1994-2004). Justice Reynoso presently is Professor of Law Emeritus at UC Davis School of Law.

State Senate President pro Tem Don Perata (Retired) was elected three times as President pro Tem of the California State Senate, capping a 12-year legislative career.  A former classroom teacher, Senator Perata served nine-years as Alameda County supervisor. He led the campaigns in 2006 approving $40B in infrastructure bonds for schools, transportation, housing and water.

Jennifer Hernandez is partner at Holland and Knight specializing in Land Use and Environmental Law, with expertise in brownfields, the effects of climate change on housing, water, air quality, flood and fire risk, and AB 32, SB 373 and SB 97. Ms. Hernandez drafted language in SB743, a law that prevented injunctions post-approval, which the courts upheld in the construction of the Golden One arena in Sacramento.


Ron Chavez is administrator for the California Community Builders, Inc. He has extensive experience in community economic development, finance and affordable housing. His credentials include executive positions at San Francisco’s Mission Housing Development Corporation, and Chinatown Community Development Center.


Robert Apodaca has a 45-year professional and civic career in private and public finance. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Robert was an institutional investor for CalPERS, San Diego County Retirement Board, Chicago Transit Authority, NYC Firefighters, Kansas City Public Schools and various unions.